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TRANSCAER® Exercise Program

Exercises enhance knowledge of plans, allow organizations to improve their own performance, and identify opportunities to improve capabilities to respond to incidents. If your exercise is going to focus on a specific commodity or mode of transportation, TRANSCAER has resources available to assist you with exercise design, delivery, and evaluation.   

Exercises help build preparedness for threats and hazards by providing a low-risk environment to do the following:

  • Test or validate procedures or plans
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities within your organization
  • Improve coordination between private and public sector organizations
  • Assess the capabilities of existing resources and identify needed resources
  • Validate training and education

TRANSCAER Resources for Exercises

TRANSCAER understands how critical exercises are for both communities and emergency responders, therefore TRANSCAER has developed several resources to assist with exercises that focus on specific commodities and/or modes of transportation.

We encourage you to complete the Exercise Assistance Request Form to engage TRANSCAER in your upcoming exercise.

Exercise Assistance Request Form – Do you need assistance drafting a plausible and realistic scenario? Are you looking for specific equipment or a training prop for your full-scale exercise? Do you need an industry partner to participate on the exercise planning team? If so, please complete this request form so that TRANSCAER can assist you.


Additional Resources for Exercises



The U.S. National Response Team: