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Learn How TRANSCAER Prepares Communities for Transportation Incidents

TRANSCAER® today is a yearly magazine for those in the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distributor, and emergency response industries, as well as the government. It recaps training events from throughout the year, highlights our sponsors, and contains articles about safety and emergency response.

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2021-2022 Magazine Survey

After reading the 2021-2022 magazine we encourage you to complete our survey. TRANSCAER would like to know what you thought about this current edition and what you would like to see in future editions.

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Seconds Count Video Series

This series of 30 fast-paced videos introduces viewers to topics in an easy to understand, yet detailed way. 
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Chlorine Safety Training

An eight-part video course that reviews chlorine chemical and physical properties, chlorine emergency response, and chlorine tank cars and rail safety.
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