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The Hazmat Files Podcast

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The Hazmat Files Podcast is a valuable resource for first responders, industry professionals, and anyone interested in the hazmat field. Each episode features guest speakers who share their insights, experiences, and the latest safety protocols. We examine emergency response tactics and discuss all aspects of hazardous materials, aiming to equip our listeners with essential knowledge on preferred practices and the safe, effective management of hazmat incidents.


Season 1 Release Dates:

Tuesday, June 18 – Trailer Episode

Tuesday, July 11 – Episode 2

Tuesday, July 23 – Episode 3

Wednesday, August 7 – Episode 4

Wednesday, August 14 – Episode 5

Wednesday, September 4 – Episode 6

Wednesday, September 18 – Episode 7

Mark your calendars & stay tuned for an exciting lineup of episodes covering critical topics in hazardous materials management and emergency response!

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Future HAZMAT Topics 

If there is a hazmat topic, you’d like to learn more about, please submit your ideas, comments, and suggestions to