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Meet the Volunteers Who Help Shape the TRANSCAER Community

TRANSCAERSM is organized into two groups: the National TRANSCAER Task Group (NTTG), including its Executive Committee, and the Regional Approach team.

National TRANSCAER Task Group

The NTTG is the managing body of TRANSCAER initiatives. The NTTG steers the overall direction of TRANSCAER. The NTTG Executive Committee is responsible for long-range planning and coordination of all task group activities. They are also responsible for the conduct of NTTG business when the NTTG is not in session.

National TRANSCAER Task Group Meetings for 2021

Thursday, March 11
9:00am-11:30am EST
Virtual Meeting

Thursday, June 10
9:00am-11:30am EST
Virtual Meeting

Thursday, August 26
9:00am-11:30am EST
Virtual Meeting

Thursday, December 9
Time - TBD
Location - TBD

Our current NTTG includes the following volunteers:

Executive Committee

  • Missy Ruff, Renewable Fuels Association 
  • Paul Holt, Union Pacific Railroad
  • Brian Dailey, The Chemours Company 
  • Robyn Kinsley, The Chlorine Institute
  • Keith Silverman, Past Chair
  • Erica Bernstein, TRANSCAER and CHEMTREC


  • Jeff Sloan, American Chemistry Council
  • Paul Hartman, American Petroleum Institute
  • Andy Elkins, Association of American Railroads
  • Daphne Magnuson, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas 
  • Hinson Peters, Center for Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Joe Milazzo, CHEMTREC
  • Matt MIynarczyk, Industrial Steel Drum Institute 
  • Cindy Kuranchie, The Chlorine Institute
  • Justin Louchheim, The Fertilizer Institute

Railroad Representatives

  • Derek Lampkin, BNSF Railway
  • Clem W. Schimikowski, Canadian Pacific
  • Ken Collins, CN
  • Joe Taylor, CSX Transportation
  • Steve M. McNealy, Kansas City Southern Railway
  • Tony Rodriquez, Kansas City Southern Railway
  • Scott Deutsch, Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Tyler A. Parker, Union Pacific Railroad
  • John Vergis, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway


  • Paul Bomgardner, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Joan Segura, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Lisa Matsinger, Federal Railroad Administration
  • Joanna Luu, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration 
  • Eddie Murphy,  Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration 
  • Huan Nguyen, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • Ken Desmond, National Volunteer Fire Council
  • Ken Willette, North American Fire Training Directors
  • Deidre Dockery, International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Marty Ranck, International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • John Woulfe, International Association of Fire Chiefs

ACC Members

  • Dave Drunkenbroad, Ashland Inc.
  • Thomas F. McGourty, BASF Corporation
  • Toby Crow, Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™
  • Chad Blake, Covestro LLC
  • Randy Mak, Dow Chemical Canada
  • Michael Kosak, NALCO Water | An Ecolab Company
  • Pete Kirk, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Jeff Senchak, Koppers Inc.
  • Howard McCall, Koppers Inc.
  • Beau VanDyke, Koppers Inc.
  • Brian Dailey, The Chemours Company

Regional Coordinators

  • Gene Patten, Dana Transportation Companies (Northeast)
  • Glen Rudner, Norfolk Southern Corporation (Southeast)
  • Ken Collins, CN Railway (Midwest)
  • Shon Christensen, Portland Fire and Rescue Hazmat (West)
  • Dillon Conner, Wyoming Regional Emergency Response Team (West)
  • Gray Young, Louisiana State University Fire and Emergency Training Institute (South)
  • Kara Edwards, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (Canada)
  • Kristina Adler, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (Canada)
  • Jennifer Membreno-Maltez (Mexico)

Additional NTTG Members

  • David Binder, Tanner Industries, Inc.
  • Dan Wright, Kenan Advantage Group, Inc.
  • Ron Lutzer, Nutrien
  • Matt Paynter, Nutrien
  • Sergio Navarro, Nutrien

Legal Counsel

  • Chris Brown, CHEMTREC

Regional Approach

A dedicated group of volunteers from across the country and throughout the industry implement TRANSCAER initiatives at the regional and state level.

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