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TRANSCAER Coordinators

Learn More About TRANSCAER’s Outreach Efforts by Region and State

The TRANSCAER Program is divided into seven regions across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Coordinators manage the program at both regional and state levels. Ready to bring hazmat training to your community? Apply now.

Regional Coordinators

The purpose of TRANSCAER’s regional approach is to implement TRANSCAER activities on a regional and state level to assist communities as they prepare for possible hazardous material transportation incidents. TRANSCAER accomplishes this goal by establishing regional coordinators and state coordinators. On a volunteer basis, coordinators identify the needs of their respective communities and act as liaisons between the local community and the National TRANSCAER Task Group (NTTG).

Regional Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Assist and mentor state coordinators
  • Attend NTTG Meetings (via conference call or in-person) to provide information on regional and state activities, and guidance on how to grow and improve national and state program initiatives.
  • Promote TRANSCAER events that are being hosted by TRANSCAER Sponsors and Partners within your state or region.
  • Identify TRANSCAER needs and opportunities within your region.
  • Submit training requests to TRANSCAER sponsors or send to the national level.
  • Provide speakers and/or deliver TRANSCAER overview presentation.
  • Maintain a listing of Regional TRANSCAER activities, contacts, resources, and speakers.
  • Maintain accurate contact information on the TRANSCAER website.
  • Commit one to two days a month to implementing TRANSCAER initiatives.

State Coordinators

Each state coordinator volunteers with communities within their state to help prepare them for and respond to a possible hazardous materials transportation incident. State coordinators implement TRANSCAER in their state, share information and learnings with regional coordinators, organize resources, and prioritize TRANSCAER activity locations.

State Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Promote TRANSCAER events that are being hosted by TRANSCAER Sponsors and Partners within your state/region.
  • Identify state TRANSCAER needs and opportunities.
  • Submit training requests to TRANSCAER sponsors or send to the national level.
  • Engage with local LEPCs to identify their training/emergency planning needs.
  • Provide speakers and/or make TRANSCAER presentations.
  • Maintain a listing of state TRANSCAER activities, contacts, resources, and speakers.
  • Keep your contact information updated on the TRANSCAER website.
  • Provide regular updates on state TRANSCAER issues to your Regional Coordinator.
  • Commit one to two days a month to implementing TRANSCAER.

Find Your Local Coordinator

If you are looking for training or additional resources please contact your State Coordinator.

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If you have additional questions about TRANSCAER training programs, connect with your regional or state coordinator.
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