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Become a Coordinator

Get Involved with TRANSCAER by Becoming a Coordinator

Are you interested in becoming more involved in TRANSCAER®? An excellent way to be part of the program is to volunteer as a regional or state coordinator. Please note TRANSCAER is a voluntary organization and the role of a TRANSCAER coordinator is on a volunteer (non-paid) basis.

We are currently seeking coordinators to represent the following states:

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • North Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Oklahoma

Coordinator Responsibilities 

State Coordinators

  • Fulfill the yearly requirements checklist.
  • Establish a stakeholder contact list comprised of chemical and transportation industry expertise, emergency responders, and local emergency preparedness agencies. Provide updates on TRANSCAER regularly (at a minimum quarterly) to this stakeholder group.
  • Identify state TRANSCAER needs and opportunities by actively engaging, meeting, and collaborating with stakeholders.
  • Offer to conduct TRANSCAER presentations at trainings, LEPC meetings, local conferences, or to the public safety community.
  • Maintain a list of state TRANSCAER activities, contacts, and resources.
  • Keep your contact information updated on the TRANSCAER website. You can update under “My Account” once you are logged in.
  • Coordinate and facilitate TRANSCAER State Team meetings (if applicable, not all states have TRANSCAER State Teams).
  • Provide the TRANSCAER Specialist with a report of state TRANSCAER efforts, training requests and identified issues so he/she may report this during in-person NTTG meetings.
  • Commit 1-2 days a month for implementation of these responsibilities to TRANSCAER.

TRANSCAER Coordinator Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 5 years of experience in one or more of the following fields: Chemical Manufacturing, Transportation, Distribution, Industry, Industry Associations, Emergency Response, Emergency Management, First Responder, Homeland Security, Military or Government.
  • No felony or violent misdemeanor convictions within 15 years (Violent misdemeanor convictions includes, but is not limited to arson, assault, weapons charges, etc.)

If you need more information before applying to be a coordinator, please contact Jenn Membreno-Maltez, TRANSCAER Specialist, CHEMTREC, at