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Transportation Rail Incident Preparedness and Response (TRIPR)

First Response Guide for Transportation Rail Incidents Involving Class 3 Flammable Liquids

The Transportation Rail Incident Preparedness and Response (TRIPR) and Flammable Liquid Unit Trains resource materials provide critical information on best practices related to rail incidents involving hazard class 3 flammable liquids. Class 3 includes materials such as crude oil and ethanol. A key component of this initiative is to learn from past experiences and to leverage the expertise of public safety agencies, rail carriers, and industry subject matter experts to prepare first responders to safely manage incidents involving flammable liquid unit trains.


These training resources offer a flexible approach to training first responders and emergency services personnel in pre-incident planning and response. Each module contains a PowerPoint presentation, student workbook, and instructor lesson plan. In addition to these materials, there are three interactive scenarios with animation and introduction videos to help instructors lead table top discussions.

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