State Coordinators implement TRANSCAER® in their state, share information and learnings with Regional Coordinators, organize resources, and prioritize TRANSCAER® activity locations. 

In many instances State Coordinators form a State Team or Committee to assist with implementation. 

Responsibilities of a State Coordinator typically include the following:

  • Establish a state TRANSCAER® Team comprised of chemical and transportation industry expertise, emergency responders, and local emergency preparedness agencies. Recruit participation from new safety and security agencies,  
  • Identify state TRANSCAER® needs and opportunities,
  • Identify and obtain resources to implement TRANSCAER®,
  • Provide speakers and/or make TRANSCAER® presentations,
  • Maintain a listing of state TRANSCAER® activities, contacts, resources, speakers. Post this information on the TRANSCAER® website
  • Provide regular updates on state TRANSCAER® issues for the Regional Coordinator
  • Commit 1-2 days a month to implementing TRANSCAER®
  • Team Members who solicit funding for a TRANSCAER® event or activity must obtain prior written approval from the National TRANSCAER® Task Group Executive Committee.
  • Complete and sign an official TRANSCAER® Team Member Application (request through Donna Lepik at,
  • Agree to participate in a third-party background verification process through our vendor of choice, or have your Human Resources Director provide an official statement in writing on official letterhead declaring that you have completed and passed an internal background verification process through your employer. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a State Coordinator, please contact the Regional Coordinator for the State you are interested in serving, or Donna Lepik, TRANSCAER® Staff Executive,

If you are a STATE Coordinator, here are some helpful tools to ensure your success in your TRANSCAER position

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