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NEW RESOURCE - Chlorine Emergency Kit Inspection & Storage Guidance

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December 7, 2022
Robyn Kinsley, Vice President of Transportation & Emergency Preparedness, The Chlorine Institute
Chlorine Institute Kit “A”

The Chlorine Institute (CI) has many chlorine emergency response resources, including instruction booklets and videos for the Chlorine Institute Emergency Kits “A” (A-Kit), “B” (B-Kit), and “C” (C-Kit).  CI and its members often receive questions regarding the replacement recommendations for the kit gaskets.  Through these inquiries, we have discovered that some parties keep their Viton® gaskets much longer than the four-year shelf-life recommendation or the gaskets are not stored in a condition that allows them to last as long as four years.

For this reason, CI’s Emergency Preparedness Issue Team recently developed new inspection & storage guidance for the chlorine emergency kits, which was missing from the currently published instructions.  The team feels if stakeholders perform a periodic inspection of the kits and gaskets and store the kits in appropriate conditions, it should allow the gaskets to remain in good condition (and ready for use) for at least as long as the four-year shelf-life recommendation.  In this new guidance, CI recommends at least an annual inspection of the chlorine emergency kits and that gaskets should be replaced in any of the following situations:

Chlorine Institute Kit “B”
  • after each use in an emergency;
  • if certain adverse conditions are identified during inspection; or
  • no later than four years from the date of manufacture. 

This guidance also recommends the use of a checklist for inspection and provides a sample checklist.  The new guidance document can be downloaded from CI’s website (under CI Information Bulletins, titled “Chlorine Emergency Kit Inspection & Storage Guidance”) and may be shared broadly throughout the first responder community:

Over the next year, CI will incorporate the new inspection and storage guidance into the instruction booklets for the A-Kit, B-Kit, and C-Kit.  After the updated instruction booklets are published, the related instructional videos will be updated to address the new guidance.  Until the updated instruction booklets are published, this CHLOREP Bulletin with the new inspection and storage guidance should be used alongside the respective instruction booklets.

Chlorine Institute Kit “C”

CI’s chlorine emergency kit publications are listed below (with bookstore links):

These safety publications and more are available for download and streaming for free to first responders.  Simply email CI at with a request.  Additional resources can be found on CI’s website at  Inquiries about CI’s chlorine emergency response resources and training opportunities can be directed to