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Introducing TRANSCAER® Champions

In an effort to provide greater public recognition for organizations that support TRANSCAER, the National TRANSCAER Task Group has created the TRANSCAER Champions. The TRANSCAER Champions recognition program is designed to pay tribute to the many organizations that provide resources and hands-on assistance to help make TRANSCAER programs successful. The Champions recognition program will also help increase interest in the initiative and potentially aid in recruitment of new participants, sponsors, and partners.

To become qualified to earn TRANSCAER CHAMPION status, applicants must have engaged in activity in at least two of the five scorecard items listed below during a given calendar year. A company/association/agency should apply annually before November 1st (on-line via TRANSCAER website) to ensure proper recognition is given. 

The Executive Committee will review the applications in December and make announcements soon thereafter.

TRANSCAER Champions Scorecard Items (must meet two of the five to qualify):

  • Are you an active participant in the National TRANSCAER Task Group?
  • Are you an active participant at the TRANSCAER Regional or State program?
  • Are you a National TRANSCAER sponsor?
  • Have you led, sponsored a TRANSCAER event within the past 12 months, or supplied equipment/personnel for the event?
  • Have you worked with an LEPC within the past 12 months to enhance their ER plan to include hazmat transport, or help schedule a TRANSCAER event?

For additional information contact Erica Bernstein, Director of Outreach, at

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