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TRANSCAER® Organization

TRANSCAER® is organized into two groups: the National TRANSCAER® Task Group, which manages the TRANSCAER® program and the Regional Approach, which implements TRANSCAER® and the nine TRANSCAER® steps.

National TRANSCAER® Task Group

Mission: To provide leadership at the National level, and resources and assistance to Regional Coordinators and State Teams.

The National TRANSCAER® Task Group (NTTG) is the managing body of the TRANSCAER® initiative. The NTTG steers the overall direction of TRANSCAER®, develops manuals and other tools to help the regional and state coordinators implement TRANSCAER®, and manages TRANSCAER® resources.

The NTTG is made up of volunteers who meet regularly. They are:

Regional Approach

TRANSCAER® divides the country into five regions, and then again into states. Each region has a regional coordinator and each state has a state coordinator. TRANSCAER® relies on these people to implement TRANSCAER® in their respective areas.

Each state coordinator works with communities within his or her state to help prepare them for and respond to a possible transportation hazardous materials incident. In many cases, there is a state TRANSCAER® Team. The make-up of the team varies with each state. The Team then creates a TRANSCAER® plan that best fits the needs of the state. For specific information, activities, and contacts for your state and region, visit Regional & State Information.

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