The TRANSCAER® Program is divided into five Regional areas across the United States.

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The purpose of TRANSCAER’s Regional Approach is to implement TRANSCAER on a state
and local basis to assist communities with preparing for a possible hazardous material
transportation incident. TRANSCAER accomplishes this goal by establishing Regional
Coordinators and State Coordinators. Each is responsible for implementing TRANSCAER
within their region and/or state.

Coordinators identify the needs of their respective communities and act as liaisons between the
local community and the National TRANSCAER® Task Group (NTTG). They are not expected
to become personally involved in each individual project. However, Coordinators are expected
to implement TRANSCAER activities by utilizing chemical and transportation industry
representatives, government representatives, local emergency responders, and other interested
parties by coordinating activities, information, and resources.

Regional Coordinators participate on the NTTG, assist/mentor State Coordinators, and relay information from the NTTG to the states and vice versa. During NTTG meetings, Regional Coordinators provide information on regional and state activities occurring in their region, and guidance on how to grow and improve national and state program initiatives.

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