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Augmented Reality App

TRANSCAER Augmented Reality App

TRANSCAER AR Training is an Augmented Reality (AR) application designed to create an interactive experience by combining the local real-world environment and computer-generated content within one interface on the device. 

The AR Training application uses the camera on the user’s Apple mobile device to project an interactable 3D model into the local real-world environment. The specific model projected is dependent on the training scenario that was selected - currently there are four scenarios available in the AR Training application. The user will be able to view and interact with a virtual full-scale railcar and acquire skills in operation of specific components in a mixed digital and real-world environment that has traditionally only been possible while being in the presence of the physical railcar itself. 

Users will be able to manipulate:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) 117 Handles
  • Rupture Discs
  • Manway Gaskets
  • Chlorine Leak Mitigation
Augmented Reality Training User Guide