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Build Relationships with Emergency Responders, Industry, and Transportation Companies

Companies and organizations with a mission to support first responders and promote the safe handling, distribution, and transportation of hazardous materials gain many benefits through a direct connection with TRANSCAER® as a Sponsor or Corporate Member.

Why Support TRANSCAER?

Since TRANSCAER is a voluntary national outreach effort, we depend on our Sponsors and Corporate Members to financially support our training and outreach initiatives.

Your financial contributions enable TRANSCAER to provide FREE quality training programs for emergency responders throughout the year. TRANSCAER trains 30,000+ emergency responders each year due to your generous support!


Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to connect with targeted audiences to promote the safe transportation and handling of hazardous materials.

TRANSCAER Sponsors are limited to nonprofit industry and transportation trade associations only.

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Are you a state association, emergency responder organization, or government agency that would like to partner with TRANSCAER to support continuous improvement and education in hazmat transportation, emergency preparedness, and response?

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Corporate Members

Corporate Membership benefits your company with new channels to promote your brand. Additionally your membership contribution enables TRANSCAER to provide quality training programs throughout the year and funding for hazmat equipment and advanced training for emergency responders.

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