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Union Pacific Railroad 2023 Bi-National Event

Training Event


UPRR Alfalfa Yard
201 Dodge Road
El Paso TX 79915

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Training includes:

  • Hands-on workshops and classroom instruction
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Certificates upon successful completion will be emailed following the event
  • {e.g. add additional details including: handouts provided, challenge coin, presentations downloaded, etc.}

Attendee Level

  • Hazmat technician/specialist
  • First responders
  • Anyone interested in learning more about this topic
  • Basic/Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Event Focus

Featured topics:

  • Toxic gases
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Flammable gases
  • Hazmat
  • Rail Safety
  • Tank Car Anatomy
  • Leak Mitigation & Capping Kits
  • Emergency Response
  • Air Monitoring
  • Locomotives


Classroom Sessions 1 hour rotations

Session 1: Classroom Power point presentation 1 hour 1 {e.g. Learn about railroad operations, hazards, and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response procedures are reviewed.}

Session 2: Locomotive 1 hour {e.g. Provide responders with helpful information to better comprehend the locomotive tactics for emergency response with fires and operations of equipment. The instructor will dive into the vital safety standards first responders need to know.}

Session 3: Training Tank Car 1 hour{e.g. Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings, valves and fittings, truck components, safety appliances, jacket, shell and head construction, placards and markings.} Provide responders with helpful emergency response tactics, discussion of various rolling stock hazards.

Session 4: (New Protective housing training car to utilize the Midland Kit):Training 1 hour  {e.g. Learn about potential leak scenarios for chlorine, LPG etc, rail tank car valves and fittings and how to mitigate those leaks. Install the Emergency Kit "C and Mildland" on pressure tank car valve arrangements for standard and next generation (dual valve system) assemblies.}

Important Details

Required Safety Gear: Enter all required safety gear {e.g.  hard hat if climbing the Fullsize tank car, gloves, safety glasses, long pants, and steel toe or composite toe boots}

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercise. Stay hydrated and alert.

Be at the site by {8:00 till 9:00} for registration. Depending on registration and training needs, the training schedule may be adjusted prior to event.

Registration will remain open until after the event. Walk-ins are welcome to register on-site at the training event, however we strongly encourage pre-registration.

*** 11/11/2023 from 9:00-12:00 is focused for all Voluntary Fire Departments***                               **** Due to many working during the week. ****


  • Union Pacific Railroad


Ray Vasquez Jr.
Union Pacific Railroad

2501 E Fairland Stravenue
Tucson AZ 85713

Phone  402-639-9241