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Shell / CSX Responder Incident Training - Emergency Response to Railroad Incidents

Training Event


423 Frankfort Road
Shell Polymers
Monaca PA 15061

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Shell Polymers is graciously hosting CSX, providing Responder Incident Training to local first responders and other emergency management professionals.

Each session will be limited to 20 attendees and priority will be given to registrants.  Walk-ins will be welcome as space allows.

Training includes:

Attendee Level

  • Hazmat technician/specialist
  • First responders
  • Anyone interested in learning more about this topic
  • Basic/Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Event Focus

Featured topics:

  • Railroad & Hazmat Safety
  • Initial Response Procedures
  • Incident Management / Unified Command
  • Shipping Papers
  • Locomotives
  • Tank Car Anatomy
  • Leak Mitigation & Capping Kits
  • Air Monitoring
  • Railroad Personnel / Officials


Classroom Sessions

Session 1: Learn about railroad operations, hazards, and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response procedures are reviewed.

Field Exercises

Anatomy of a Tank Car: Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings, valves and fittings, truck components, safety appliances, jacket, shell and head construction, placards and markings.

Anatomy of a Locomotive: Learn about the anatomy of a locomotive and discuss unique challenges associated with responding to a rail incident involving them (e.g. Crew rescue; fuel, oil, and other fluid spills; on-board fires, electrical system; air brake system, etc.)  

Important Details

Required Safety Gear:  Safety vest, gloves, safety glasses, long pants, and steel toe or composite toe boots.  

Prior to Training: watch the Emergency Response to Railroad Incidents video to familiarize yourself with concepts discussed in class - CSX Transportation - Emergency Response to Railroad Incidents (ERRI) | TRANSCAER (

Registration & Sign-in:  Registration will remain open until the event. Each session will be limited to 20 attendees and priority will be given to registrants.  Walk-ins will be welcome as space allows.

Parking: Attendees will be asked to park their vehicles in the parking lot and meet up at the rally point indicated on the attached map.  A shuttle will transport everyone to the training location.  

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercise. Stay hydrated and alert.



Sean Reid
CSX Transportation

500 Water Street
Jacksonville FL 32202

Phone  904-366-5040
Mobile  904-738-9360