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An Introduction to Resilient Responders Webinar

Training Event


This is a virtual event. You will receive additional information after registering.


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The Course Objectives include:

  • To help responders understand and identify the stressors of their jobs and the wider physical and psychological impacts of this
  • To explore the concept of personal resilience, adaptive capacity, and the importance in coping with stress
  • To provide stress coping and resilience building strategies that responders can implement      

Training includes:

  • Certificates will be emailed within 3 business days of the webinar (Note: Attendees must remain connected for the duration of the webinar to earn a certificate)

Attendee Level

  • First responders
  • Anyone interested in learning more about this topic
  • Basic/Introduction

Event Focus

The event will focus on personal resilience, stress, and adaptive capacity for the first responder community.

  • Please note this webinar is a Pilot session in the U.S. and we look forward to receiving feedback from all course attendees.


It is estimated that first responders are 40% more likely than the general population to develop behavioral health conditions including PTSD and depression (Abbot et al., 2015), while 70% report not having enough time to recover in between the traumatic events they experience (Bentley, et al., 2013). The goal of this course is to destigmatize mental health and open conversations around the stressors of the job, the importance of building resilience, and managing stress in the responder community. This introductory course will help responders understand how resilience and stress impacts their industry and what tools are available to help everyone succeed. This course will offer methods of stress management that aim to reduce stress as a preventative measure, during an incident, and after a stress inducing event. In addition to stress coping strategies, we will also explore strategies to build personal resilience and adaptive capacity in responders.

Important Details

The webinar is being hosted through Microsoft Teams. Login information is provided in your event registration confirmation email sent through the TRANSCAER website (please check your spam/junk folder). A final webinar reminder email will be sent one (1) business day prior to the webinar and will also include the login details. Please work with your IT Department regarding access to Microsoft Teams. TRANSCAER will not be able to provide you with technical assistance during the webinar.

Cameras & microphones will be disabled during the webinar. All questions and comments will be addressed in the Q&A section.  

Registration is limited to 200 attendees.




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