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Ethanol Safety & Steel Drum 101 Seminar


Scott County Emergency Operation Center - Room EOC
1100 E. 46th St.
Davenport IA 52807

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Training includes:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Complimentary lunch
  • Certificates upon successful completion will be emailed following the event

Attendee Level

  • Hazmat technician/specialist
  • First responders
  • Anyone interested in learning more about this topic
  • Basic/Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Event Focus

Featured topics:

  • Transportation/Storage practice for steel drums
  • Performance standards for steel drums
  • Fusible plugs  
  • Ethanol introduction
  • Ethanol and Ethanol-Blended Fuels
  • Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Ethanol and Hydrocarbon Fuels
  • Transportation and Transfer
  • Storage and Dispensing Locations
  • Fire Fighting Foam Principles
  • General Health and Safety Considerations
  • Storage and Pre-planning Considerations


Steel Drums 101 Seminar - Provide First Responders with helpful information to better comprehend the components of steel drums. From understanding the difference between an open-head and a tight-head steel drum to being able to interpret the UN marking, The instructor will dive into the vital safety standards first responders need to know.

Ethanol Safety Seminar - Get an in-depth look at proper training techniques needed when responding to an ethanol - related emergency.

Important Details

See attached map for parking instructions.


  • Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)
  • Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI)


Missy Ruff

16024 Manchester Rd, Suite 101
Ellisville MO 63011

Phone  402-669-4025