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Ammonia Emergency Response Training & Live-Release Drill


Georgia Public Safety Training Center
1000 Indian Springs Dr.
Forsyth GA 31029

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Training includes:

  • Classroom instruction and live release ammonia drill
  • Complimentary lunch
  • CEU's and certificates will be awarded by GPSTC on the attendee's transcript.

Attendee Level

  • Technician Level or Ammonia Specialist (Ammonia Drill – Entry)
  • Operations Level (Ammonia Drill – Decon & Air Monitoring)
  • Awareness Level (May observe the exercise from a safe distance and attend the lecture portion in the morning)

Event Focus

Featured topics:

Anhydrous Ammonia Overview

  • Properties
  • Routes of Exposure
  • Health Effects
  • First Aid

Containers/Bulk and Non-Bulk Packaging

  • Markings/Placards/Labels

Ammonia Processes

Types of Ammonia Releases

Ammonia Response Tactics

  • Control/Containment
  • ER Guide Cards
  • Tarp & Cover


Classroom Sessions:

Ammonia Properties & Emergency Response:An overview of anhydrous ammonia, including its chemical and physical properties, placards, labels, containers, tank construction, and the hazards and potential outcomes associated with an anhydrous ammonia incident.

Field Exercises:

Ammonia Drill: Live release ammonia drill for participants to practice and perform basic control and confinement operations, including tarp and cover. Decontamination and air monitoring will also be incorporated into the drill.

Important Details

Required PPE for Drill Participants (MUST BRING WITH YOU):

  • All Drill Participants: SCBA (there is a bottle refill station on site – able to fill Scott, MSA, Drager, Interspiro, etc. – 2216 psi and 4500 psi cylinders)
  • Operations Level Drill Participants: Turnout Gear or Level B, plus thermal gloves & chemical gloves
  • Technician Level Drill Participants: Level A or Encapsulated Level B + plus thermal gloves & chemical gloves. You can utilize Level A suits that are expired or did not pass pressure test at this drill. No Level A training suits are allowed. 
  • All PPE will be subject to pre-evolution inspection to ensure the safety of all participants.

*Must be Technician Level to enter the live release area of the ammonia drill.

*Operations Level can participate in decontamination and air monitoring.

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercise. Stay hydrated and alert.

Be at the site by 8:00 AM for registration. Class will begin promptly at 8:30AM.

Registration is limited to 40 attendees per session. 


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