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TRANSCAER Hazmat & Transportation Training

Training Event


Corteva Agriscience (Pittsburg Site)
1200 Arcy Lane
Pittsburg CA 94565

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Training includes:

  • Classroom & hands-on instruction
  • Lunch will be provided by Corteva
  • Certificates will be provided via email following event sign-in
  • Earn your TRANSCAER Challenge coin at the end of the session

Attendee Level

  • Technician Level
  • Operations Level
  • First responders
  • Basic/Introduction

Event Focus

Featured Topics:

  • Rail Safety & Understanding Tank Cars
  • BSNF Safety Train onsite
  • Chlorine Emergency Response
  • Responding to Industrial Facilities & Situational Awareness



Classroom Sessions

Railroad 101: Learn about railroad operations, hazards, and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response procedures are reviewed. Presented by: BSNF Railway

Chlorine Emergency Response: Learn about the physical and chemical properties, transportation methods, health effects of acute exposure, proper selection of personal protective equipment, first aid, and medical treatment measures of chlorine. Presented by: US Ecology on behalf of The Chlorine Institute

Responding to Industrial Facilities & Situational Awareness: Responding to industrial emergencies can differ from your department’s typical emergency calls. This presentation is meant to provide responders with critical considerations and best practices when responding to industrial emergencies. Presented by: Corteva Agriscience (Pittsburg Site)

Field Exercises

Field Exercise 1 (Understanding Tank Cars): Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings; valves and fittings; tank components; safety appliances; jacket, shell, and head construction; placards and markings. Presented by: BSNF Railway

Field Exercise 2 (C-Kit): Learn about potential leak scenarios for chlorine rail tank car valves and fittings and how to mitigate those leaks. Install the Emergency Kit “C” on chlorine tank car valve arrangements for standard and next generation (dual valve system) assemblies. US Ecology on behalf of The Chlorine Institute

Field Exercise 3 (Site Overview): Site overview for responding to incidents at the Pittsburg site. If interested in attending the CAER drill on October 5, please contact John Bayer at Presented by: Corteva Agriscience (Pittsburg Site)

Important Details

Please be onsite by 8:00AM for registration. Training will begin promptly at 8:30 AM.

PPE requirements – Hard hat, safety glasses, long sleeve shirt, pants, reinforced boots (preferred) or at a minimum closed-toe sturdy boots.  


  • BNSF Railway
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • The Chlorine Institute


Jennifer Membreno-Maltez

2900 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church VA 22042

Mobile  703-300-8921
Robbie Morris
Corteva Agriscience

901 Loveridge Rd
Pittsburg CA 94565

Mobile  925-270-5671
Justin Piper
BNSF Railway

1 W Santa Fe Ave
Pittsburg CA 94565

Mobile  360-553-8672