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Chlorine Emergencies: An Overview for First Responders

Online Training

This video was developed to help first responders prepare to act in those critical first 15 minutes – what to do when the call comes in, what to expect on-scene, and where to find the resources needed to contain a release. The video includes information on resources for mobile devices, security & antiterrorism considerations, and an explanation of shelter-in-place, and chlorine release footage.


First Responder Resources

I. Chlorine Overview and Uses

II. Chemical and Physical Properties of Chlorine

III. Site Safety Plan, Chlorine Emergency

IV. Community Awareness, Public Protective Actions

V. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

VI. First Response to Chlorine Exposures

VII. Chlorine Transport

VIII. Disposal Options for Chlorine

IX. Mitigation

X. Chlorine Dispersion and Ecological Effects

XI. Shelter-in-Place Considerations