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AMTRAK Passenger Train Emergency Response


4395 S. Irby St
Florence SC 29505

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Training includes:

  • Railroad Right-of-Way Safety
  • Passenger and Host Railroad Relationship
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Railroad Nomenclature Including how to Identify:
  • Railroad Switches, Mileposts, Signals, Crossings
  • Special Circumstances in Response to Passenger Train Incidents
  • Train Speeds
  • Passenger Train Crew Identification
  • Challenges of Extraction
  • Incident Command System for Railroad Incidents
  • Trespassing on Railroad Property
  • Pneumatic and Electrical Hazards
  • Train Equipment Design
  • Incident Response Pre-Planning

Attendee Level

Typical emergencies to which law enforcement, fire/rescue, EMS, and emergency management personnel will likely respond.

Event Focus

Featured topics:

  • Overview of railroad operations in general; passenger train operations in particular
  • Railroad right-of-way safety precautions
  • Emergency contact number Equipment familiarization
  • Passenger car construction
  • Passenger evacuation
  • Forcible entry & extrication
  • Locomotive propulsion systems
  • Train crew orientation
  • Hazards: electrical & pneumatic and others
  • On-board emergency equipment
  • Location & use of emergency exit windows & doors
  • Search & rescue and fire suppression
  • Typical train consists and passenger loads
  • Hazardous materials
  • Grade crossing accidents & trespassing on railroad property
  • Bridges & tunnels


Classroom Sessions

Amtrak Passenger Train Emergency Response (PTER) is an emergency preparedness course for professionals who may respond to an Amtrak emergency. This training complies with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulation 49 CFR 23.





Steve Coffin
Homeland Security Office - State Law Enforcement Division
Phone  803-896-4602
Mobile  803-995-0259