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TRANSCAER Hazmat & Transportation Training

Training Event


BNSF Railway Hobson Yard
500 SW 20th St.
Lincoln NE 68528

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Training includes:

  • Classroom & hands-on instruction
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Certificates will be provided via email following event sign-in
  • Earn your TRANSCAER Challenge coin at the end of the session

You only need to register for one session. All topics are covered within each 7.5-hour session.

Attendee Level

  • Technician Level
  • Operations Level
  • First responders
  • Basic/Introduction

Event Focus


Featured Topics:

  • Rail Safety & Understanding Tank Cars
  • Locomotive Emergency Response
  • Ammonia Properties & Emergency Response
  • Chlorine Properties & Emergency Response
  • Ethanol Properties & Emergency Response



Classroom Sessions:

Railroad 101: Learn about railroad operations, hazards, and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response procedures are reviewed. Presented by: BNSF Railway

Ammonia Properties & Emergency Response: An overview of anhydrous ammonia, including its chemical and physical properties, placards, labels, containers, tank construction, and the hazards and potential outcomes associated with an anhydrous ammonia incident. Presented by: Nutrien

Ethanol Properties & Emergency Response: Introduction to ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels including the use, chemical and physical characteristics, transportation modes, transfer operations, basics of foam, suggested responder tactics and strategies and environmental issues.  Presented by: The Renewable Fuels Association

Chlorine Properties & Emergency Response: Learn about the physical and chemical properties, transportation methods, health effects of acute exposure, proper selection of personal protective equipment, first aid, and medical treatment measures of chlorine. Presented by: DPC Enterprises (A member of The Chlorine Institute)

Field Exercise:

Field Exercise 1 (Understanding Tank Cars): Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings; valves and fittings; tank components; safety appliances; jacket, shell, and head construction; placards and markings. Presented by: BNSF Railway

Field Exercise 2 (C-Kit): Learn about potential leak scenarios for chlorine rail tank car valves and fittings and how to mitigate those leaks. Install the Emergency Kit ā€œCā€ on chlorine tank car valve arrangements for standard and next generation (dual valve system) assemblies. Presented by: DPC Enterprises

Field Exercise 3 (Locomotive Emergency Response): An overview of responding to emergencies involving a locomotive. Presented by: BNSF Railway

Important Details


Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Solid closed-toed shoes, no sandals are permitted. Full-length pants are required.
  • Gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses are optional but recommended. 

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercise. Stay hydrated and alert.

Be at the site by 8:00 AM for registration. Depending on registration and training needs, the training schedule may be adjusted prior to event.


  • BNSF Railway
  • DPC Enterprises
  • The Chlorine Institute
  • Nutrien
  • Renewable Fuels Association (RFA)


Erica Bernstein Fischer
Mobile  804-357-4758
Derek Lampkin
BNSF Railway

4515 Kansas Ave
Kansas City KS 66106

Phone  6127601365
Mobile  612-760-1365
Ron Eriksen
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

3131 O Street
Lincoln NE 68510

Phone  402-450-6162