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CSX Railroad Avon Yard
491 S. County Rd 800 E Building #11
Avon IN 46123

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Upon completion of this course, participants should achieve the following goals:

  • Familiarization with rail operations in the community.
  • Knowledge of safe job procedures in a rail environment.
  • Know how to identify ownership of tracks at grade crossing locations, and have the ability to contact appropriate CSX emergency personnel.
  • Identify key railroad personnel at an incident scene, and incorporate them into the incident command structure.
  • Have the ability to accurately read train consist information to identify potential hazardous materials involved.
  • Be able to identify tracks that have "blue flag" protection applied for the safety of emergency personnel.
  • Describe safe practices used in working on and around rail equipment.
  • Successfully identify different types of rail equipment
  • Differentiate between general service and high pressure tank car, and demonstrate knowledge of various valves and safety relief devices.
  • Have skills necessary to perform an emergency shutdown of an operating locomotive.


Attendee Level

  • Hazmat Operations
  • Hazmat Technician
  • First Responders
  • Basic Introduction

Event Focus

Featured topics:

  • Rail Safety
  • Tank Car Anatomy
  • Leak Mitigation & Capping Kits
  • Emergency Response
  • Air Monitoring
  • Locomotives




Seats are limited to 30 persons per class. Non-Fire Department and Non-First Responder personnel training will take place April 27th and April 28th only. April 29th through May 1st are designated Fire Department and First Responder personnel only.



Important Details

RSVP: Scott Karcher Manager of Hazardous Materials email: or phone: 734-732-3710 or Region 5 Hazardous Materials Specialist Kristol Ward email: phone: 317-221-3198


  • CSX Transportation


Michael White
Indiana Department of Homeland Security/State Fire Marshal Office

302 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis IN 46204

Phone  765-366-9758
Mobile  317-439-8071