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TRANSCAER Rail Safety Transportation & Hazmat Training Event

Training Event


Phoenix Fire Department Special Operations
2430 S 22nd Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85009

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Training includes: 

  • Classroom instruction and simulated hands-on training scenarios   
  • Lunch will be provided by BNSF Railway 
  • Certificates will be provided via email following electronic event evaluation form 
  • Earn your TRANSCAER Challenge coin at the end of the session  

Note: You only need to register for one session. All topics are covered within each 8-hour session. Multiple sessions are offered in order to accommodate the multiple shifts of the fire departments. 

Attendee Level

  • Technician Level   
  • Operations Level   
  • First responders  
  • Basic/Introduction 

Event Focus

Featured Topics: 

  • Rail Safety & Understanding Tank Cars  
  • Understand chemical and physical properties of chlorine  
  • Response considerations for emergency responders to railroad incidents and locomotives  


Classroom Sessions:  

Railroad 101: Learn about railroad operations, hazards, and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response procedures are reviewed. Presented by: Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway 

AskRail® Mobile App: Learn about The AskRail smartphone app - a safety tool giving first responders immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials a railcar is carrying. Presented by: TRANSCAER, BNSF, and Union Pacific Railroad   

Chlorine Properties & Emergency Response:Learn about the physical and chemical properties, transportation methods, health effects of acute exposure, proper selection of personal protective equipment, first aid, and medical treatment measures of chlorine.Presented by: Hill Brothers Chemical Co. (A member of The Chlorine Institute)   

Field Exercises: 

Field Exercise 1 (Understanding Tank Cars): Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings; tank components; safety appliances; jacket, shell, and head construction; placards and markings. Presented by: Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway 

Field Exercise 2(Locomotive Emergency Response): An overview of responding to emergencies involving a locomotive.  Presented by: Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway 

Field Exercise 3 (A-Kit & B-Kit): Learn about potential leak scenarios for chlorine 150-lb cylinders and chlorine ton containers and how to mitigate those leaks. Install new and old versions of the Emergency Kit “A” on chlorine cylinders and the Emergency Kit “B” on ton container training devices. 

Field Exercise 4 (C-Kit): Learn about potential leak scenarios for chlorine rail tank car valves and fittings and how to mitigate those leaks. Install the Emergency Kit “C” on chlorine tank car valve arrangements for standard and next generation (dual valve system) assemblies. Presented by: Hill Brothers Chemical Co. (A member of The Chlorine Institute)   

Please Note: The class will move to the Union Pacific Rail Yard for the afternoon field exercise portion of the training:  

Union Pacific Phoenix Rail Yard 

631 S. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 

Important Details

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT required for hands-on workshop. Solid shoes, preferably high-top boots are recommended, and full-length pants are required. No sandals are permitted. Gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses are optional but recommended.   

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercises. Stay hydrated and alert. 

Be at the site by 8:00 AM for registration. Class will begin promptly at 8:30AM.  


  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • BNSF Railway
  • The Chlorine Institute
  • Phoenix Fire Department
  • Hill Brothers Chemicals


Jennifer Membreno-Maltez

2900 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church VA 22042

Mobile  703-300-8921
Ray Vasquez Jr.
Union Pacific Railroad

2501 E Fairland Stravenue
Tucson AZ 85713

Phone  402-639-9241
John Dean
Phoenix Fire Department

4115 E Blanche Drive
Phoenix AZ 85032

Phone  6023161728
Mobile  6023161728
James Farner
BNSF Railway

3770 E. 26th St.
Los Angeles CA 90058

Phone  323-267-4103
Mobile  909-267-5167