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Union Pacific Railroad - Hazardous Materials Railroad 101 Webinar


This is a virtual event. You will receive additional information after registering.


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Vista general

Webinar includes:

  • New updated course that includes improved graphics, voice over animation, and a more in-depth view of particular areas.
  • Q&A Session via Chat Feature with other Union Pacific Hazmat Managers during the webinar. 
  • Current system map with the contact information of the Hazmat Manager in your area. Feel free to reach out to them at any time with questions or concerns.
  • One page sheet that you can laminate and keep in your equipment that reviews safety, tank cars, contacting the railroad and a sample consist and how to read and understand it.

Post-Webinar includes:

  • Certificates upon successful completion will be emailed 1-2 business days following the webinar.

Nivel de asistente

  • Hazmat technician/specialist
  • First responders
  • Anyone interested in learning more about this topic
  • Basic/Introduction
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Enfoque del evento

Featured topics:

  • Union Pacific System
  • Pre-Planning
  • Railroad Equipment
    • Locomotives
    • Tank Cars
  • Contacting the Railroad
  • Safety Issues
  • Railroad Resources
  • Markings
  • Rail Shipping Papers
  • Emergency Response Process
  • Recovery Operations


Join this webinar for an overview of the Union Pacific Railroad Hazardous Materials Management Team as well as how to contact the railroad in the event you need to stop a train or shut down a track.

During the webinar we will review what information would be helpful for you, how we can assist with that information, and in turn how you can help us, working as a team, to bring the incident to a successful conclusion. The course will also review the different types of railcars and the hazards that a first responder might encounter with each. There will be a section on locomotives that covers the various quantities of liquid on board, locomotive fires, and crew entrapment and removal techniques. Finally, the webinar will discuss responding safely to an incident, hazards around the rail (rail yard), where to find needed information, and how to read and understand a train consist in order to better protect the citizens of your community.

Detalles importantes

Pre-registration is required in order to receive the webinar login details & a training certificate.  Registration is limited to 300 participants. 

Registration will close at 6:00 PM CDT on Thursday, September 10 (one hour prior to the start of the webinar).

NOTE: The time for the webinar is Central Time, when you register you will receive a confirmation email and there will be an option to “add to calendar” that will add this event to your calendar and adjust to your time zone.


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