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2020 Union Pacific TRANSCAER Training Event


O. N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant
13101 Leopard St.
Corpus Christi TX 78410

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The Corpus Christi Fire Department is hosting a Union Pacific - TRANSCAER Railcar Emergency Response training event.

This training event provides unique insights into best management practices in railroad emergencies and provides first responders with the experience needed to safely respond to and work in today’s complex world of hazmat rail emergencies.

Formaldehyde Emergencies — This year’s training will include an Formaldehyde Specialist discussing Formaldehyde emergencies and proper mitigation techniques. Industrial responders are encouraged to attend. Participants will learn how to identify railcars, railcar anatomy and how to mitigate railcar incidents including Formaldehyde leaks. This is more than a lecture based class, you will get hands on training from some of the best in the profession.

Attendee Level

This one day course is free to all participants.

Event Focus

Concepts that will be covered:

  • Formaldehyde: Properties, Facilities, Incidents, Mitigation
  • Mitigation: From a contractors perspective
  • Initial duties upon arriving on scene; train lists and RR emergency contact
  • Safety when responding/general railroad safety
  • Recovery procedures and site remediation
  • Hazardous materials releases or other environmental incidents


Class will run from 9-4 with a (personal) break for lunch at noon

Important Details

Gloves, hard hat, safety toed boots and eye protection are required

Each class has 100 openings on a first come basis


  • Union Pacific Railroad


William Wingfield

1303 Danielle Lane
Pearland TX 77581

Mobile  281-919-5298
JD Johnson
Corpus Christi Fire Dept.
Tony Perez
Corpus Christi Fire Dept.