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OLI's RISC Training for Law Enforcement & TRANSCAER’s Understanding Tank Cars & Locomotives

Training Event


Phoenix Fire Department Special Operations
2430 S 22nd Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85009

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Railroad Investigation and Safety Course for Law Enforcement (RISC-LE): was developed for the North American first responder and law enforcement community by the nation’s railroad police and Operation Lifesaver, Inc. The RISC-LE prepares officers and other first responders to use the proper safety techniques while investigating a grade crossing collision or trespasser incident, in addition to maintaining on-scene safety unique to the railroad environment.

Training includes: 

  • Classroom instruction provided by Operation LifeSaver, Inc. 
  • Tank car and Locomotive Overviews by Union Pacific Railroad and BSNF Railway 
  • Lunch will be provided by BNSF Railway 
  • Certificates will be provided via email following electronic event evaluation form 
  • Earn your TRANSCAER Challenge coin at the end of the session  

You only need to register for one session. All topics are covered within each 7.5-hour session. Multiple sessions are offered in order to accommodate the multiple shifts of the police departments.  

Attendee Level

  • Law Enforcement

Event Focus

Featured Topics: 

  • Rail Safety 101  
  • On-Scene Safety & Situational Awareness 
  • Rail Resources & Initial Report Information 
  • Rail Incident Conclusion 
  • Understanding Tank Cars 
  • Locomotive Emergency Response 


Classroom Sessions:  

Railroad Investigation and Safety Course for Law Enforcement (RISC-LE): Attendees will learn personal safety techniques while they are investigating a grade crossing collision or trespasser incident, in addition to maintaining on-scene safety unique to the railroad environment. Presented by: Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI) 

MODULE 1 - Rail Safety 101  

  • Safety issues in the railroad environment  
  • Signs and signals at a railroad crossing  
  • Developing advanced preparation information  
  • Railroad contacts and facilities  

MODULE 2 - On-Scene Safety & Situational Awareness  

  • Safety considerations while responding to an incident. 
  • Ensuring on-scene safety  
  • Identifying your location  
  • Key safety points to live by 

MODULE 3 - Rail Resources & Initial Report Information  

  • Familiarization with rail cars, locomotives, and train documents  
  • Railroad personnel and rail related equipment.  
  • Common crimes against the railroad; rail equipment of evidentiary value  
  • Available partner resources to aid with scene safety and investigation.  
  • Overview of the AskRail® Mobile App 

MODULE 4 - Rail Incident Conclusion  

  • Taking proper steps to ensure the rail scene is clear.  
  • Documentation of rail incidents on state crash reporting forms  
  • How train incidents may affect the community and support for prosecution  
  • Operation Lifesaver and Federal Railroad Administration safety education programs 


Field Exercises:  

Field Exercise 1 (Understanding Tank Cars): Learn about the anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars including protective housings; tank components; safety appliances; jacket, shell, and head construction; placards and markings. Presented by:  Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. 

Field Exercise 2(Locomotive Emergency Response): An overview of responding to emergencies involving a locomotive.  Presented by:  Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway.

Please Note: The class will move to the Union Pacific Rail Yard for the afternoon field exercise portion of the training:  

Union Pacific Phoenix Rail Yard 

631 S. 7th Street Phoenix, AZ 85034 

Important Details

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Solid shoes, preferably high-top boots are recommended, and full-length pants are required. No sandals are permitted. Gloves, hard hats, and safety glasses are optional but recommended. 

Please advise the instructor(s) of any pre-existing medical condition(s) that may preclude you from participating in any field exercises. Stay hydrated and alert. 

Be at the site by 8:00 AM for registration. Class will begin promptly at 8:30AM.  


  • Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI)
  • BNSF Railway
  • Union Pacific Railroad


Jennifer Membreno-Maltez

2900 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church VA 22042

Mobile  703-300-8921
Charlie Mathewson
Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI)

P.O Box 760
West Warwick RI 02893-9998

Phone  219-781-1369
Ray Vasquez Jr.
Union Pacific Railroad

2501 E Fairland Stravenue
Tucson AZ 85713

Phone  402-639-9241