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Here is a brief description of how the TRANSCAER® GRANTS process works:

  • Grant applicants are encouraged to submit their grant request on-line using the APPLY NOW button below.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, the grant applicants must submit a letter on official letterhead describing how the TRANSCAER event meets the TRANSCAER mission and criteria outlined in the attached guidelines.
  • The National TRANSCAER Direct Funding Task Group will evaluate each request letter/application individually.
  • Decisions will be communicated directly from the TRANSCAER Direct Funding Task Group to the applicant in writing with a copy to the Regional or State Coordinator.
  • As there is a limited pool of money, once funds are depleted, a notice will be posted on this web site stating that the funds have been allocated for the year.
  • If a grant recipient cancels an event that has been awarded a TRANSCAER grant, the monies must be returned to the Staff Executive with 30 days of canceling the event.
  • Grant applicants are encouraged to coordinate with their State Coordinator and/or
    Regional Coordinator. When possible, the application should be submitted through the
    State and/or Regional Coordinator.
  • The TRANSCAER Direct Funding Task Group will review each application individually
    and determine if it meets the criteria as they are received.
  • The TRANSCAER Direct Funding Task Group will communicate its decision within 60
    days of the date of application.
  • Decisions will be communicated directly from the TRANSCAER Direct Funding Task
    Group to the applicant in writing with a copy to the Regional or State Coordinator.
  • Each Grant application MUST include a copy of a W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification - please note:  the name on the Grant application, must match the name on the W-9.
  • Each Grant recipient will be required to provide copies of the receipts for each grant awarded within 30 days of the event and all unused/unaccounted for funds will need to be returned within 30 days of the event.
  • TRANSCAER® Community Grants will NOT cover any expenses that results in the purchase of a tangible asset for an extended use beyond the approved TRANSCAER® event. 
  • Your application should summarize how the applicant intends to meet the following criteria:
    – Type of target audience?
    – Type of activity or event?
    – Number of expected attendees?
    – How does the event advertise TRANSCAER?
    – How does the activity support the objectives of TRANSCAER?
    – How will the money be used?
  • Be sure to include all details including: who, what, when, where, when for all events grant money will be used to support. 

All grant request letters, W-9s, and receipts should be sent to: Donna Lepik, TRANSCAER Staff Executive, 700 2nd Street NE, Suite 913, Washington, DC 20002 or



Grants may also be available from HMTA funds for conducting exercises, training, or flow studies. Contact your local SERC or US DOT/PHMSA, HazMat Grant & Registration Programs, (202) 366-8752, or online at   

If you are interested in hosting or planning a state hazardous materials emergency preparedness program event, contact your local Grant Designated Agency today to see if they can help provide additional funding. Click here to find your contact - HMEP Grants Designated Agencies

Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation

Chief John M. Eversole Endowment for Hazardous Materials Responders
In 2007, YLD created the John M. Eversole endowment with the generous support of family, friends, hazardous materials professional associations and corporations from across the United States. The Endowment supports awards and scholarships designated specifically for members of the hazardous materials response community. For More Information, please visit:

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