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Planning Drills and Exercises

The following resources may help you when planning an emergency response drill or exercise:

  • Large exercise (Coming Soon)
  • Small exercise (Coming Soon)
  • Tabletop exercise (Coming Soon)
  • Examples of past drills (Coming Soon)
  • Search for TRANSCAER® activities (Coming Soon)

For assistance in developing an exercise, the National Response Team has published four documents:

  • NRT-1 - Hazardous Materials Emergency Planning Guide (March 1987);
  • NRT-1A - Criteria for Review of Hazardous Materials Emergency Plans (May 1988);
  • NRT-2 - Developing a Hazardous Materials Exercise Program - A Handbook for State and Local Officials (September 1990);
  • Directory of Federal Information Resources for Emergency Planning and Response (August 1989).
All are available online at or at the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) 800-490-9198.


The Comprehensive HAZMAT Emergency Response-Capability Assessment Program (CHER-CAP) is offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist local communities and Tribal Governments in obtaining a greater understanding of HAZMAT risks, identifying planning deficiencies, updating plans, training first responders, and stimulating and testing the system for strengths and needed improvements. For more information, visit

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